Project 2 Event Ad

P2Destinee Allen

  • Description: Creating a flier for a pretend fundraiser.  This fundraiser needed to include a benefactor and a beneficiary.  Also, it needed to make sense and be easy to read.  All Design Principles needed to be applied.  Also, it was required to have a scanned image for this project.  The complete process of the flier was to be designed in Microsoft Word.
  • Process:  Scanning the image was very detailed.  We needed just enough pixels for this to appear in an 8X10 format without looking pix elated.  My image was a full sheet on a magazine, so my resolution was set to 150 pixels per inch. I was able to PhotoShop my scanned photo, and then paste it to Word. I then began working with the design of the image to create contrast and bold lines that draw your eyes to the title.  From online I downloaded the font I wanted which suited the Halloween theme.  Using proximity I put the necessary information together.
  • Top 3 things learned:
    1) How many pixels needed per inch for appropriate photo size.
    2) Discovering many of the functions in Microsoft Word to create unique designs.
    3) Center alignment only should be used if everything is center aligned.
  • Program(s) / Tools used: Microsoft Word, PhotoShop
  • Font #1 Name & Category:  JackLantern BB, Decorative
    Font #2 Name & Category:  Calibri, Sans Serif
  • Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes:  Magazine, 7.42 X 10.72 inches; 1114 X 1609 pixels; 150 pixels per inch



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