Project 3: Imaging

8.5 X 11 project:

Description: A photo taken by myself after learning photography principles, then edited in Photoshop. Requirements were 6X6, desaturated, and either had a filter or colorization.

Process: Applying the thirds principle, I chose my picture. Using Photoshop I cropped my photo to 6X6, then I used different tools to add detail to my photo. I selected everything except for the main focus leaves, and desaturated that subject. Then I selected the focus leaves and added a crosshatch filter to them.

Top 3 things learned:
1) How to do Focus Foreground/Focus Background
2) In Photoshop I can select parts of the picture to change and edit.
3) Colorization can turn the whole selected image to one color, but using other adjustments you can get more texture out of the picture.

Programs/Tools Used: Photoshop; Crosshatch Filter; selection tool

6×6 cropped/edited image:

Original unedited/uncropped image:


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