Project 8 Brochure



Description: Create a brochure using design principles and techniques taught.

Process: Using Adobe InDesign, I created the layout of my brochure. Ruler guides and correct measurements helped keep me on track of the vision of the brochure. I kept the outside simple so that I could draw attention to the inside. I selected the images that I wanted and placed them where they could be seen on the inside and the out. On the inside, I was keeping the body text united while wrapping it around one image. Using Photoshop I manipulated a photo by cutting out the background of the cupcake.

Top 3 things learned:
1- How to textwrap an image
2- Cutting out a photo in Photoshop
3- How to design a layout for a brochure

Program(s) / Tools used: Adobe InDesign; Photoshop

Title Font Name & Category: Cooper Black (Old style)
Copy Font Name & Category: Comic Sans (Sans Serif)

Word Count: 267

Thumbnails of Images used:
food-franchise-opportunities-overland-park chewy-chocolate-chip-cookies cake ginger-banana-bread Peppermint-Oreo-Truffles cupcake



Sources (Links to images on orginal websites)

Main cupcake:


Cherry Cupcake:

Banana Bread:




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